Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung and I couldn't be happier!  With all the chaos in Boston over the past few weeks we needed some life brought back into the city! 

The thought of spring brings to mind spring cleaning which doesn't have to just be clearing out the closet and washing down the window screens.  This spring it's time to do some cleaning of the body and mind.  I plan to start small, all I want to do this week is get outside.  It's so easy to let time slip by, the office gets busy and before I know it the sun is on it's way down and I've missed the day.  Going outside for lunch each day is my first goal for clearing my mind.  As for my body... yoga yoga yoga - I've yet to get back to my normal routine since surgery and it can be really hard to want to go indoors to the gym when the weather is so nice so I think I wat to start up a home practice and do it outdoors.  Last year I found a beautiful spot over looking the harbor that was in the city yet secluded enough that I could tune out the world and really get in touch with my practice and my body. I want to get there again so that's my goal for spring!

Get outside and play today!