Painting Pretty

Here's what we've been working on at home the past few weekends....PAINTING.

It's been 6 years Nicks lived in his condo and he has never painted! As our summer project we decided to paint the house and have slowly been working on this a little each weekend. It can get draining after a while so I found a few ways to spice things ups.

First - Buy pink tape instead of the boring blue, makes things much more girly, which I know Nick must love - lol

Second - Wrapping a rubberband around the paint can will help with drippage. Tap off excess paint from the brush and stir stick onto the band instead of the edge of the bucket. From the looks of things this trick didn't help me with dripping all over the drop cloth but it did keep the can clean!

With the bedroom and bathroom done all thats left is the living room which will be done a  sunshine yellow!