Grammy's Artichokes

I've always been a pretty good eater, will try just about anything!  But when my cousins grammy put one of these in front of me when I was 14 years old,  well... i'd be lying if I said I thought she wasn't trying to kill me - lol.  Of course I tried it and much to my surprise loved it!!!  Grammy has since passed and has left the Christmas Day tradition of Artichokes up to my cousin Andrea who can whip them up just as delicously as Grammy used too.  I decided to take a stab at it not to long ago and I don't think I did half bad.

What you'll need:

  • Artichoke
  • Butter
  • Lemon Juice
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Garlic


  1. Cut the stem off of the bottom of the artichoke
  2. Wash the artichoke
  3. Bring pot of water to a boil
  4. Place artichoke in pot
  5. Let boil (about an hour)
  6. When leaves start to open up, season with lemon pepper and garlic
  7. Artichoke is done cooking when you can stick a knife / fork straight through it
  8. In a seperate small pan:
    1. Melt desired amount of butter
    2. add lemon juice (to taste)
    3. add lemon pepper and garlic (to taste)
    4. Serve into dipping bowls
  9. Serve, peel and enjoy!