Glitter Tips

Ok... let's be honest, I am awful at painting my nails but it may be in part because I still own wet n' wild nail polish from when I was 10 years old. So last week when Nick went to the Springsteen concert I had myself a little spa night at home. Bubble bath, candles, and nail pinting. I bought new nail polish (grey and silver glitter) and I went to town. Not only did this new polish NOT drip all down the sides of my fingers but it dried quick enough that even I didn't smudge it (which over the years has been an impossible feat). Once I put on two layers of grey, I coated my ring fingers with glitter. To get the tips I dunked the brush and just let it drip onto the tip of my nail pulling the drip across the tip of the nail. Finally, I topped with a clear top coat.

Let's see, I did this exactly 1 week ago today and it's just now chipping. I did give the glitter a touch up on Friday before I went out but other than that it has stayed pretty solid!