Decorate with Old Paint Brushes

We have a shelf in our home that holds all of my nic nacs lol - this makes me laugh that I have to say MY nic nacs and not OUR nic nacs.  It's true though, Nick hates clutter and I'm a pack rat so all this random shit does happen to be mine.  Anyways, in order to keep brushes from hardening after painting a room you should rinse and then wrap tightly in plastic wrap.  This will keep the bristles from getting hard for a pretty long time as long as you squeeze out all the air.  Note - you can use this method for paint rollers as well.  BUT if you want to get the effect shown above, then take the following steps:

  1. Be lazy and forget to clean up after painting
  2. Leave paint brush full of paint
  3. Leave it to air dry over night
  4. Stick brushes in a vase and you have a unique accent

Who ever told you being lazy wouldn't get you anywhere? haha