"Find something you can commit to doing and do it"

Someone sent me this today in an e-mail that was referencing an article (click here for link) about how the lack of exercise kills roughly as many as smoking, he then quoted the above mentioned phrase, followed up by some crude remarks about the guy in the maroon speedo doing push ups - lol.

Find something you can commit to doing and do it...simple right?  It should be but if that were true there would be no quitters in life and we've all quit something at one time or another.  So why do we give up?  Why do we fail? Why don't we just push ourselves harder?  I'm sure the reason is different for everyone but for me it's because I didn't truely LOVE what I was doing so overtime it became unimportant and wasn't worth my blood sweat and tears.  I'm not saying don't try things, I'm the type that thinks i'll like basically everything so i'll try it, or i'll enroll myself in a class to learn more about it and i'll realize if I love it, hate it or if it just is.  This applies to everything in my life - work, school, yoga, working out, relationships, etc. etc.

Another reason I fail is because I set the bar to high - Find something you CAN commit to doing and do it.  If you set the bar to high, or if you put to many things on your plate at one time - your setting yourself up for failure.  I'm not saying to not strive for more and to not push yourself - just be mindful of your skill level and take it one thing at a time.

Side note: It's funny how such meaningful words come in such a short, to the point package.