Homemade Wine Glass Holder

What you'll need:

  • An old rake (I stole mine from my parents shed)
  • Some strength (I used my boyfriend)
  • A hardware store



  1. First you need to seperate the rake head from the handle.  For this I recruited my boyfriend and he just pulled and twisted until it came loose.
  2. Turn rake head upside down
  3. At this point you are pretty much done, you just have to hang it.
  4. All rake heads are shaped differently, for some you might be able to just stick a nail in the wall and hang. I had to go the extra mile for mine so I took it to the hardware store where a very nice man cut me a small piece of wood so that the rake would lay flush against the wall.  He drilled two holes through the metal rake and then through the wood to attach the two together.  He also drilled two other holes, one on either side of the wood so that I could screw it right into the wood.  I decorated mine with a piece of rope and tied a bow in front to try to hide the wood. 

Pretty simple!