Coming into this class on a Friday night after a long week and not sleeping the night before, the only thing I wanted to do was go the hell home.  But since I had pre-paid I figured I’d just suck it up and go.  On top of that, the girl that checked me in told me it was in the front room and as I waited there patiently I realized I was actually sitting in Brennas beginner class.  So I jumped up, ran out and found the actual class upstairs – so now I was late.

When the first flow we did included Bakasana and we did it over and over again, I knew I was in for a good sweat!  I still can’t do a handstand but he was AWESOME!  His energy and his singing and chanting and motivation was so inspirational! He encourages you to fall over, he encourages you to fail over and over so that eventually you won’t anymore.  I haven’t experienced anything like him in a class/workshop before, he was refreshing.  Every muscle in my body was shaking before the end of class, not shaking because I was holding a pose but just shaking while I was standing.  I left that class in better spirtits, higher energy, I felt refreshed and cleansed and cleaned from the inside out, I felt talkative and excited and light and clear.  I figured the next day I’d be dead to the world and every inch of me would hurt but surprisingly I didn’t at all. I woke up feeling strong and lively and couldn’t wait to get to the studio to practice what I had just learned. I wish I had signed up for the whole weekend – next time!

When are you coming back to Boston?