Warrior Wednesdays: Yin Yoga

I don’t think Yin is for me.  After a long Monday at work, the hardest part of Yin was trying to stay awake! Going to Yin made me realize that I am one of those people that enjoy getting a work out from my yoga practice, I love leaving class dripping with sweat – it makes me feel cleansed.  Yoga that moves so slow gives my mind way too much time to wonder and get bored and not focus.  Those are all the other aspects I enjoy about yoga, moving and pushing myself and focusing on what I’m doing in the moment and forgetting about everything else for 90 minutes. 

I thought it was interesting that the teacher called the different poses shapes instead of asanas or poses.    The teacher had a soothing voice but there was no touch or assist which I for one LOVE! I thought that type of class would involve more pranayama, but it didn’t.  Also, there were so many props!  I felt like I spent more time adjusting my props than actually practicing.

I’m happy I tried it and maybe at some point I’ll find a use for it but right now it’s not what I enjoy when I go to yoga.