Always a student

Something very interesting happened to me this week at a yoga audition - I wasn't the newest teacher trying out, I wasn't even the second newest lol.  It was bound to happen at some point but it still took me by surprise.   It was a really cool experience because no matter who you take a class from you can always learn something if you pay attention.  That something may be what not to do BUT it's still something that maybe you never thought of. 

As a newbie, you tend to get stuck in your own head, you get so caught up in remembering your sequence and what comes next in what you practiced and if you forget a part of what you meant to teach it can totally blow your mind.  And so sometimes, you forget to look at your students and all the adjustment cues are just standard things that you've learned to say because the majority of people need those standardized adjustments.  Overtime, once you slowly come out of your head and onto not just your mat but every single one of your students mats, you finally SEE your students.  Once you can see them clearly, your cues become less general and more in tune with what the individuals in your space actually need.  This small change in your teaching really allows you to connect with your students on a level that I hadn't felt yet.  You don't notice this change, it just slowly happens. 

The only reason i noticed it was because I paid attention to how the new teacher auditioned and then the next night I had a class where only one student showed up and I really had the time to stop and watch this person move.  Instead of constantly walking around, a sat on a block on my mat at the front of the room and I instructed from there.  Sitting gave me a completely different view point of this persons practice (save that discussion for another post) than I've ever taken before and I was able to focus on the cues that this person needed in that moment and not just the general cues.  Having these two instances occur back to back was really eye opening and finding little things like this is what will always keep teaching yoga exciting!