Warrior Wednesday: Mysore

I started a Mysore practice on the first of October.  The first class I went to I sat in the back and watched for about a half hour.  I assume I should have been watching the students and the motions they went through but I found myself watching the teacher more than anything else.  I was watching the way she scanned the room, the adjustments she made to different people and how she made those adjustments.  I watched her give beginners the next part of the sequence and how she walked them through each step.  I thought it was interesting that I was more drawn to watching that than to the students themselves.  After a good 30 minutes or so she came over to me to give me the first part – Sun A. Easy I got this I thought to myself.  I came back the following day and started my practice with 5 Sun A’s, when I was done I stood at the top of my mat waiting for the teacher to come over and give me the next part – Sun B.  Easy I got this! When I finished 5 Sun B’s I stood at the top of my mat and waited again.  She came over, asked how I was feeling and said “Ok good now do it again from the beginning”.  I found myself having a hard time separating my Vinyasa from my Mysore.  I kept putting my hands straight up over my head in Urdhva Hastasana instead of together and I was looking straight forward instead of up at my hands – ugh, I know this why am I messing this up!  So I moved onto B and did the same F’ing thing in Ukatasana, and when I should have come back into Ukatasana at the end of Sun B, I was just standing straight up.  I don’t know what was going on in my head but I obviously was not focusing on my practice. Each day I’ve came back I’ve  learned a little bit more but I still have a hard time separating the Vinyasa from the Mysor.  After a week of getting up at 530am instead of my usual 730am I was exhausted but I did notice a few things over the week: 1. I had so much energy in the morning 2. I was drinking less coffee 3. I was passing out around 10pm and sleeping hard the entire night!  Coming into week two, I knew that I couldn’t keep it up everyday because I wasn’t making it to any Vinyasa classes – trying to do Mysore in the morning and Vinyasa at night was going to burn me out fast, I knew I had to pick and choose.  I decided to do Mysore M, W, F and Vinyasa Tu, Th & weekends (if I wanted too).  So far this schedule is working well – I feel amazing!