DIY: Housewarming Gift

My very best friend bought her own home this past summer and we are finally getting the chance to go visit her!  I can't make this post until after we come back otherwise it would ruin the surprise but as a Christmas gift I got her a wine rack which she has yet to open and as a housewarming gift I got her wine to fill the rack. 

I got a little crafty and made my own wine labels using Word.  Each one has her and her BFs name on ,the date they moved into the house, the type of wine, and when they get to drink it - for instance:

  • Drink on your one year anniversary

  • Guzzle down when you have to invest in your first major home repair

  • Enjoy the first time you lock yourself out of the house

You get the point!

I just printed, cut down to size, threw some glue on the back and slapped em onto the bottles.  Pretty easy, and SO cute!