Photograph by Yogella

The best thing about your second class is that it's a chance for redemption from the first!  Especially for me because it was a different place with different people.  It's also the gym that I go to so I already knew some of the students.  Not only that but you also get the opportunity to lear from your mistakes the first time around.

For my second class, I started by speaking my truth - "Thank you for coming this morning, some of you may know me but for those of you that do not, I recently graduated from YTT and you happen to be my 2nd class, Ever".   I'm one that usually speaks my truth, def. never any lies but sometimes I'll choose to just keep my mouth shut.  Which looking back, was my biggest mistake in my first class.  Everyone was very positive about me being a new teacher which instantly set my nerves at ease.

The second mistake I made in my first class was that I was so dead set on "not taking my own class" that I'd kind of forget what came next.  For my second go at it, I allowed myself to do whatever I needed.  I also noticed that when I wasn't practicing with the class they were looking towards the front somewhat confused.  Until I become more clear with my words I find that practicing the harder asanas with the class is the best way to go.

Lastly, in my first class, I subconciously though that I had to get through the entire sequence that I wrote down and practiced.  So when I missed something it threw me off, or when the two pregnant lades walked in, it totally threw me for a loop!  What I learned is that no one knows what I wrote down, no one knows what i've been practicing for the past week, meaning no one will know if I skip anything.  I mean, I guess I knew that going into it but it hadn't really sunk in. Going into class #2, I just tried to keep this train of thought at the forefront.  All I NEED to do is hit points in my warm up, my peak and my cool down but getting to everything doesn't really matter.  So thats what I did and when I forgot something it allowed me to NOT fall apart.

PS  - Class #3 & 4 are back at Motion.  The first class must not have been that big of a disaster