My First Class

January 11th I taught my first yoga class....It was a DISASTER!  I had prepped the entire week prior; wrote out a sequence, practiced the sequence, practiced teaching the sequence, worked on my cues and put together a playlist.  I was so pumped to get my first gig I forgot to prep for the unexpected.  Not that you can totally prepare for whats to come but I should have at least given some thought to the possibilities. 

I walked into the studio space and was the first one there, a little weird right off the bat to be sitting lotus style alone in a room praying that people come to my class.  When 1pm rolled around I had 3 students, 2 of which were pregnant and not just a little pregnant like REALLY pregnant -SHIT!!  Ok, first thing I need to do is amend all of my twists and thankfully I hadn't built in any poses on the belly.  I started slow with a ham stretch on the back and what I noticed was that people were not listening to me!  They were doing whatever the hell they wanted it didn't matter that I said plant both your hips on the mat and keep them there they were all over the place taking a totally different stretch than what I was trying to give them.  Not only that but they were looking all over the place, all over the room, out the window - am I boring them?  After that, I tried to pick up the pace, I plugged in my music and really got them moving; chair pose, planks, side planks - I really tried to get them moving.  Around 1:30 I couldn't remember the rest of my sequence so I threw in some warriors that totally did not go with the sequence and just prayed that no one noticed.  I finally got them into Savasana and then I was hit with a coughing fit!  I didn't know what to do, so I tried to hold it in.  Doing that instantly made my eyes water and my nose run.  I realized I couldn't hold it back so better to take them out of Savasana than to disrupt it.  I pulled them back up to seated but as I tried to talk the cough took hold of me and I had to let it out.  UGH - Namaste!

It may not have been pretty but I did make it through.  45 minutes is much longer than I had thought and it's not easy having 6 beety little eyes souly on you!  Props to everyone that has come before me and mastered without skipping a beat - It's not easy!