North End Thinking Cup

A new coffee shop recently moved into the North End so of course I had to try it immediately!  There is a Thinking Cup over on Tremont Street (I think) but I’m never over that way so I’ve never tried it.   I’m all for new coffee shops and this one is really cute – it has that old time décor that I absolutely love while maintaining that clean and cozy coffee house feel that I love surrendering to on Sunday mornings.  Our normal go to is the Boston Common Coffee House on Salem Street which for some odd reason Nick and I have nicknamed The Bean.  No reason why, one day I asked if he wanted anything from The Bean and strangely enough he knew exactly what I was talking about, it’s been The Bean  ever since.  The Bean is usually chock full of locals, mostly in either their yoga gear, pajamas or still in clothes from the night before.  It is full of older people reading, studying, prepping for the day or nursing a hangover and you can always count on running into someone you know.  The Thinking Cup is the opposite of The Bean, it’s located right on Hanover Street, pristine real estate for attracting tourists.  Everyone is dressed in real people clothes, they came here for a purpose and are not intending on having a lazy Sunday.  Portions are small and service is a little slow but their latte flavors may make up for it – Vanilla Ginger anyone?

It definitely has not replaced The Bean when it comes to lazy Sunday mornings, but if I’m just in the mood for a pick me up latte - the Thinking Cup is the place to go!