Warrior Wednesday: Beginner Yoga

It has been some time now that I have taken a beginners yoga class but decided it would be a great refresher experience.  I dragged my boyfriend along with me and of course when we got there, there were only a few spots left right in the front – I could feel Nick's eyes rolling already.  Although he supports me in my yoga practice it is not something he has found a passion for himself (yet-lol).  So we took our places in the front of the room and started our practice.  It was really interesting to see how the teacher spoke to beginners and how she verbalized the postures.  To me it seemed like she mostly focused on alignment. At first everyone settles into the posture a little sloppy and then working from the ground up she gives you alignment pointers. When we switch sides she does the same thing but she gives different cues on the opposite side.

I thought she was a great beginner teacher, I think my boyfriend took a lot away from it but I could also tell that he was really confused at times.  Everyone is different but I think for him he could have used more visuals with demonstrations.  I actually found the class difficult because it moved so slowly.  We would find our way into a posture, settle in, realign, realign again, keep realigning, hold and switch sides.  It was great to hear all the alignment point and be able to double check I was doing it right but I think because I’m someone that likes the flow and likes to sweat and likes the workout I get from yoga, moving so slow made it really difficult to maintain my concentration. 

Taking a beginner class once a month would probably be a really good idea.  I wish there was a class that was almost like an advanced beginner class for people that have a regular practice.  It could allow them to go over posture by posture starting at the basics but not holding them as long and moving into the more advanced postures and holding those a little bit longer.  That way you are still getting the point by point alignment reminders for the basics but also moving into the more advanced asanas.

~Namaste Yogis~