Warrior Wednesday: Aerial Yoga

Interesting is really the only thing coming to mind after this class.  I thought I’d love this class but it was different than I expected.  Inversions in the fabric were cool, so I loved the antigravity aspects of it! Being one legged in the fabric for Warrior 1,2 & 3 that made me unsteady.  I was worried about slipping and re-injuring my already pulled hamstring.  I felt off balance and sloppy in my poses. 

I was impressed with the flow that we could still maintain using the fabric but again it was constantly being interrupted  by holding onto and letting go of the fabric.  I kept bumping into the people next to me, the fabrics were hanging way to close together!

Savasana was cool, very calming and safe feeling but I was so hot after class that being cocooned like that made me feel claustrophobic.  Since I was overheating I had to peak outside and it took everything in me to not bust out laughing because we looked like some weird sci-fi film with all these alien pods hanging from the ceiling lol.

The teacher was nice, apparently she was involved in circus for 10 years and followed that up with YTT and started aerial yoga at the South Boston Yoga studio.