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We are all unique, that's why one way of eating doesn't work for everyone. Have you ever jumped on the latest fad diet because your best friend was dropping weight, only to find out that your scale didn't move. We've all been there and we suspect that it's our willpower or discipline, but it's not. Each of us is engineered differently, like snow flakes, no two are exactly alike. One person's superfood is another persons poison. We'll work together to figure out what works for YOUR body, so you look and feel amazing and so that this way of eating becomes a part of your life and not a crash diet.

We strongly believe that you are what you eat and your commitment to improving your diet is the first and most important step to getting in shape, physically as well as psychologically. Our health coaches, will work with each person individually to find out what works best for their body, current medical condition and lifestyle. This allows us to create a custom wellness and nutrition plan which is easy to apply and stick to. 

When working with us on a corporate level we provide the same level of detail and attention to each employee that participates. One hour individual health coaching sessions can be offered in-person or virtually.


Lunch & Learns

Use your lunch hour to educate your employees on topics related to health, wellness & balance:

  • Eat less sugar, you're sweet enough already

  • It's all in the gut

  • Got kale?

  • Whole foods, whole life

  • Stress less, live more

  • Healthy living on a budget

  • The 80/20 rule of wellness

  • Sleep, for natural beauty

  • And so many more!