Frequently Asked Questions

Class Length:

  • Yoga: 45 minutes or 60 minutes

  • Meditation: 30-45 minutes

  • Breathe Work: 45 minutes

(Prices remain the same)


Mats & Props:

  • Mats can be provided separately at an additional cost. But generally we ask participants to bring their own.

  • Rental mats are available for events

  • Props are needed for any relax and renew classes and must be an investment by the company. However, CNY will secure the items for the company.

  • For meditation, chairs are preferred or you can sit or lay on the floor or yoga mat



  • We hire instructors that can sequence without props such as blocks and straps.

  • All yoga instructors are 200 hour yoga teaching certified, they have at least 1 year of teaching experience, they are CPR certified and insured.


Class Style:

CNY offers a Vinyasa style of yoga, however, we can customize the style into a variety of flow classes such as beginner, all levels, advanced, slow flow, stretch, etc.


What services do you offer?

We currently offer yoga, meditatio, health coaching (lunch and learn sessions, small group sessions and one-on-one private coaching either in-person or via skype), aroma therapy & essential oils, breathwork and corporate retreats. However, we strive to be a full service wellness provider so if you are looking for something in addition to what we offer we can discuss it internally and see if it is something we can provide you with.


How much does it cost?

We have multiple payment options to satisfy the needs of all sized companies.

*Please inquire using the contact form here


How quickly can you start?

If you are in an area where we currently have instructors, we can likely start within 2 weeks. If you are in a completely new territory, we need time to create a staff of quality instructors in your area. If this is the case we’ll need 4-6 weeks.


Do you have insurance coverage?

Yes, all of our instructors are covered individually.  Additionally, we have coverage as a studio which acts as an umbrella over all of our instructors. We can also add you to our certificate of insurance if needed. 


How do you collect payments from employees?

All payments are collected online through our registration system which can be accessed through our website. If employees are paying for the classes themselves, payment will also be collected through this system. The company will never have their hands in collecting money from employees.


Who handles internal marketing of the classes?

We do! We may need your help at the beginning and you'll need to provide us with your company email list but after that we send out weekly class reminders, we also handle the graphic design of internal marketing flyers, class sign up instructions and any other materials you may need.


Why do you use a registration system if the company is covering the cost of classes?

We use this as a tool so after a series of classes we can look back at attendance and discuss with you options to keep the program going. Or we may notice that attendance isn’t as high as we may want so it may be time to poll the employees and find out why. Maybe it’s a simple change of day or time or it could be the type of class or the instructor. We’ll make whatever changes are necessary before moving forward with another series of classes.

Snow Policy:

  1. If your building or office closes, please let us know asap so we can inform our staff. If we don't hear from you in the morning, our studio manager, will reach out to you for an update.

  2. If you are open, we will do our best to provide you with your scheduled session.

  3. If public transportation is closed, CNY will be closed as well.

  4. Additionally, if CNY determines the roads unsafe to drive we will also close for the day.

  5. If CNY cancels the class, an additional class will be added to the end of your series. If the company or building cancels the class, no refund will be provided.


Why should we partner with you?

Because we're awesome! Here are a few of our MOST awesome attributes:

  • Budget conscious

  • Several payment options to make wellness affordable and accessible

  • We do all of the leg work by making sure your teacher is:

  • Properly trained, Certified & Insured

  • All teachers are auditioned by the owner of CNY to make sure they are able to:

  • Modify for injury, illnesses and pregnancy, Appeal to all levels of experience, Work without props

  • We are insured as a studio

  • Your company can be added to our COI for coverage, if needed

  • Point and click registration system

  • Attendance tracking

  • A network of teachers and teaching styles

  • Internal marketing materials

  • Compared to other larger wellness programs, yoga is a low cost investment that will improve employees overall health, increase productivity and decrease absenteeism