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CNY offers two types of breathwork:

  1. Traditional Pranayama

  2. Heart opening

What is Traditional Pranayama

Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force. Here, read up on pranayama exercises & poses, breathing techniques and sequences. There are many different variations. When done correctly for an period of time,benefits can include:

  • Purify the blood

  • Purify the respiratory system

  • Enriche the blood with oxygen

  • Cultivate a sense of calm

  • De-stress

  • Become more mindful

Traditional Pranayama with Chasing Nirvana Yoga

Breath work with CNY will take place in a group setting. Class will consist of guided breath (20 minutes) and can be held on its own or combined with 45 minutes of yoga (60 minute class. Participants are encouraged to bring anything that makes them comfortable seated, suggested props are a yoga mat, pillow,yoga block, bolster or a chair.

What is Heart Opening breath work?

Many of us walk the earth as strangers to ourselves, not knowing what is true, why we feel what we feel, actively working to repress experiences or ideas that are too jarring for us to observe and release. It is a paradox occurring in the human mind: we run away from what we do not want to face, from what brings feelings of pain, and from problems we don’t have answers to, but in our running away from ourselves we are also running away from our own freedom.

When a great misery occurs, it remains with us for as long as we hold onto it. Attachments form because of the energy we use to keep what happened, or the image of what we want to happen locked away, within our mind and body – this is the cause of tension in our being. When we hold onto these attachments, they travel with us as a burden, from our past to our present, and into our future. They can even be passed to our descendants long after we are gone.

It is through the observation of all that we are, and accepting what we observe with honesty and without judgement, that we can release the tension that creates delusions in the mind and walls around the heart. This is why the keys to our freedom lie in our darkness: because when we observe our darkness by bringing the light of awareness inward, the ego begins to dissipate into nothingness and the subconscious slowly becomes understood.

The mind is full of shadows, but shadows cannot withstand the patience and perseverance of light – our minds can become like stars, powerful, united fields of pure light. But unlike a star, the healed mind will dwell in awareness and wisdom.

The miracle of healing ourselves is so powerful, because in the movement of accepting and letting go, we relinquish the energy of burden not only in our present but in our past and future as well. Imagine the time line of your life. Now imagine the burdens that you carry as an extra line layered on top. As we let go of our miseries, this extra layer becomes thinner and thinner. It will not change what happened, but the extra energy we carried because of these occurrences will no longer weigh down the time line of our life. What happened, happened. But now these moments are no longer attachments of pain and sorrow: now they are experiences to learn from, lessons that bring us into a present of greater freedom, happiness and wisdom

Healing begins with acceptance and culminates in letting go.


-Yung Pueblo

Heart opening Breath work with Chasing Nirvana Yoga:

Breath work with CNY will take place in a group setting on a 1 time event or monthly basis. Class will consist of guided breath (45 - 60min) and can be held on its own or combined with 45 minutes of yoga (2 hours event. You can expect an emotionally charged, physical release of stress. Emotions will run high which may make this class inappropriate for the work setting. Participants are encouraged to bring anything that makes them comfortable lying down, suggested props are a yoga mat, blanket and pillow. For one-on-one classes, please click here.